Donor Communities

Where would your organization be without its donors? When funds are needed for an important project, they sign the check. Regardless of the size of the donation, each individual that contributes financially wants to understand how they are helping you achieve your mission. They also want to feel appreciated, special, and recognized. Conveying this effectively is no simple task.

Common Donor-Related Challenges

  • Making all of your donors feel connected to your organization and cause, regardless of where they are
  • Attracting new donors and slowly cultivating them towards major gift supporters
  • Increasing the engagement with donors to improve their annual giving retention rates
  • How to provide donors with exclusive access to your organization’s leaders and champions
  • Providing ways for donors to get involved easily, in addition to just writing a check
  • Explaining effectively to donors how their money is being used and what it achieves
  • Recognizing your donors, big and small

How Small World Community for Donors Can Help

  • Creates a private, safe online hub that connects your donors to your organization and to each other
  • Provides ongoing, easy engagement options between the asks
  • Connects your donors with top staff leaders and volunteer champions
  • Customizes the experience of each donor, showing you know who they are and prompting them with the right information and opportunities
  • Offers targeted opportunities for your donors to get involved, independently of writing a check
  • Provides a central area where leadership and program staff can interact with donors and explain the nuances that are lost in simple brochures
  • Creates an exclusive feeling for all donors and even provides ways to recognize them amongst their peers

Small World Community has been an excellent partner in helping us reach our organizational goals. Relative to their offline counterparts, we’ve found that members within our online community start fundraising earlier, set higher goals, achieve those goals more often, and raise more money (352%) for Relay for Life.

— Joe Prosperi, Lead, Relay for Life Product Management
American Cancer Society