Customer Communities

Your customers are flocking to the web for help, asking questions, looking for answers, and sharing their experiences. Make sure this conversation takes place on your terms in your online community where you can manage the dialog and help them be successful. Provide interactive resources, access to other customers’ expertise, the ability to share ideas and participate in feedback focus groups. Small World Community provides a solution for companies serving nonprofit organizations.

Common Challenges with Customer Support to Nonprofits

  • Providing great service in a cost effective manner
  • Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd from across your customer base
  • Enabling customers to network together outside of your once-a-year customer conference
  • Soliciting ideas to improve your products and services
  • Finding answers that don’t yet exist in how-to documents and manuals
  • Providing organizations with the ability to connect with similar organizations
  • Recognizing top customers for their achievements and support
  • Acquiring new customers and keeping the ones you have
  • Turning successful customers into champion advocates
  • Ensuring customers know the full capabilities of your products and services

How Small World Community for Nonprofit Customers Can Help

  • Provides a central online hub to bring your nonprofit customers together
  • Enables customers to network online, by location, cause, industry, expertise, and other affinities
  • Gives customers the ability to ask questions and get answers from other customers (and you)
  • Recognizes your most knowledgeable customers and builds loyalty
  • Enables customers to share ideas and have them voted on by others
  • Provides options for focus groups for targeted feedback for your product and service teams
  • Extends your training program with online cohort groups
  • Provides your product or service-related documentation in a way that solicits feedback and helps make improvements
  • Allows your champions to share their success with others
  • And much, much more…