Advocacy Communities

Your advocates help you spread the word and take action on your behalf. Harnessing and focusing the collective energy of such a passionate group of supporters is a great opportunity for many organizations, but doing so has its challenges. How can you ensure that this group of supporters is being fully engage by your organization?

Common Advocacy-Related Challenges

  • Attracting new advocates and activists
  • Engaging advocates between asks
  • Making advocates feel heard, valued, and connected
  • Providing options for your advocates to organize together
  • Convincing supporters to take action, when needed
  • Connecting advocates more closely to your cause
  • Enabling advocates to start projects and collaborate together

How Small World Community for Advocacy Can Help

Need to take swift action on something trending in society that pertains to your organization? How better to mobilize, instruct and lead your top advocates than through an online community which acts as a central hub for all of your organization’s grassroots efforts. Provide direction, resources and leadership to your base in times that require quick, decisive action.

  • A central hub to connect your advocates in one place, with you and each other
  • Easy online registration, with options for single sign on for a seamless online experience
  • Customized onboarding steps to ensure new advocates become knowledgeable about your cause and feel empowered
  • Advocates share experiences, information, and tactics with one another
  • Supporters create and promote events under your umbrella
  • Advocacy campaigns matching recommends relevant actions to constituents based on their interests, abilities, and passion
  • Collaboration groups enable teams to organize together based on location, campaign, or interest
  • Constituents encourage other constituents to take action and share their actions taken
  • Engagement options increases loyalty of advocates
  • Advocates create mission-oriented projects individually or in teams, and submit them for your approval and recognition

Small World Community is a great community platform which is easy to learn and allows for quick changes to be made with ease. Plus the mobile version looks great on all devices.

— Todd Fuhrman, Association Management System Analyst
Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN)