Social Engagement Hub

Create one central area to bring your supporters, fans, followers, and contact lists together under your website where you have 100 percent of their mindshare and opportunities to develop deeper engagement.

Customized User Profiles

Community constituents have profiles with fields that are customized by you, relevant to them, and helps create the concept of community.

Constituent Directory

Facilitate connections between users with a constituent directory that leverages search, filter, sort, and location-proximity options.


Use more than 250 tracked constituent engagement actions to create general or area-specific leaderboards to recognize top contributors.


Create your organizations engagement pyramid, let your constituent know about it, and recognize them as they progress.

Constituent Blogs

Give your constituents a voice with their own blog, journal, or online diary that they can share with other constituents.


Enable constituents to upload and share photos with you and each other. All content added can be used by your organization for marketing and communication purposes.


Leverage files to crowdsource a resource library or promote key documents created by your organization.


Whether via uploads or pulling in embeds from YouTube or Vimeo, your constituents can add their videos to your community and share with others.

Integrated Social Sharing

Track which constituent shared what content to which social network. Use the information to track awareness generated and recognize your top social advocates.


Making everything engageable. Commenting options on files, photos and videos, blogs, and other areas helps open up a feedback loop.


Want quick feedback or information in a public, structured way? Use polls to get what you’re looking for from logged in constituents or just visitors passing by.

Ratings and Reviews

Want users to provide quantitative opinions on community contributions? Use ratings and reviews. One-click engagement can help new constituents take the first step.

Search Engine Optimization

User generated content plus SEO yields lots more traffic to your community and website. Small World Community enables both.