Knowledge Sharing

Leverage the collective wisdom of the crowd. Everyone benefits. Connect experts with those looking to learn more. Provide options for constituents to share their experiences, ideas, resources, and information with one another.

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    Questions & Answers

    Constituents can ask questions and get answers, from you or other constituents. Learn who else has the same question. Allow constituents to vote on responses or select the best answer.

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    Idea Engine

    Turn your constituents into a think tank, solicit ideas and have your constituents vote on the best ones. Let them know which ones you’ve implemented.

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    Document Collaboration

    Enable constituents to collectively create online documents with version control and the publish the results to the community when complete.

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    Give your supporters a voice with discussion capabilities that are optimized for both top contributors and casual visitors.

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    Share in Articles

    Leverage your constituents to aggregate and curate content from around the Web and drive discussion within your community with just one click from their browsers.

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    Let constituents or your organization share files with easy uploads. Open a feedback loop with comments and engagement options to improve your resources.

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    Leverage videos for webinar archives, how-tos, or in-action sequences that help teach beyond what just the written word can achieve. Upload videos or embed from YouTube or Vimeo.

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    Give your experts long-form content options to share their research, findings, or updates with other constituents. Provide the same for your executives, teams, or people in the field.

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    Advanced Search

    Increase power of shared knowledge with best-in-class search functionality with display, filtering, and sorting options that help constituents find what they’re looking for on the first click.

Small World Community provides great support across a number of different mediums, but especially through their client community. I am very pleased with the speed of response and it is great being part of a wider group of people, sharing ideas and solving problems together.

— Fiona Dew, Communities Development Manager
Institution of Engineering and Technology