Automated Engagement

Small World Community’s automated engagement suite helps you create use case scenarios that prompt users to take the next step, automate repetitive staff tasks, and update the user experience as constituents progress. Set up trigger-based user experiences one time. Let them roll. Increase staff productivity.

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    Action Workflow

    Choose from more than 1,000 different combinations of “When A occurs, automatically execute B, C, and D.” Set up general workflows or filter down to unique use cases.

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    Expedite the enrollment process for your volunteers, constituents and other users with application forms that automatically trigger next steps for your staff.

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    New Constituent Welcome

    Welcome new community constituents with an automated onboarding process that walks them through the right steps and remembers to prompt them.

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    Notifications and Subscriptions

    Timing is often key when building engagement. Improve your chances of success with trigger-based notifications and subscriptions updates.

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    Different users have different interests. Automatically tailor their experience based on actions they take.

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    Badges and Gamification

    Encouragement and recognition helps engergize your community. Automatically recognize users that hit activity milestones, take specific actions, or based on information in your CRM or AMS.

Small World Community is an excellent organization with a great overall product. In my opinion, the people at an organization are just as important, or more important, than the product (but I’m in the membership business). The Small World Community team takes an interest in our success and it shows.

— Dean Alban, Director of Member Services
Scottish Rite Freemasonry