Community Success Packages

Personify’s new Community Success Packages were built with our clients in mind. Our primary goal when crafting each package was to deliver a more cost-effective and timely approach to community implementation and management to meet the needs of the broad range of member-focused organizations we serve. Our Community Success Packages include three off-the-shelf options to get your social engagement platform up and running without the need for extensive customization.


  • Discussion Forums
  • Searchable Member Directory
  • File Gallery with Tagging
  • Standard Engagement Workflows
  • … and more!
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  • All Endeavor Features
  • Collaboration Groups with Full Community Functions
  • Events and Event Calendars
  • Public or Private Blogging Capabilities
  • Advanced Search
  • Out-of-box Integrations with CRM and AMS Platforms
  • … and more!
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  • All Endeavor & Professional Features
  • Advanced Resource Library
  • Profile & Persistent Badges
  • Access to Open APIs
  • Unlimited Engagement Workflows
  • Advanced 4-Step Onboarding Process
  • Full Access to site CSS
  • Forms Engine with Approval Workflows
  • … and more!
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Our three packages were built to meet the specific needs of a range of organizations and deliver only the benefits you need to achieve your goals. Need help deciding which package is the best fit? We’re here to help!


  • Connect constituents to your organization and each other
  • Promote communication and conversations via private and public discussions
  • Crowdsource photos, files and videos for use anywhere
  • Amplify sharing to social channels
  • Leverage engagement competition
  • Analyze and optimize results


  • Create outcome-based discussions with questions & answers, ideas, and other discussion formats
  • Promote collaboration for chapters, committees, and other small groups
  • Personalize the user experience
  • Crowdsource & display events world-wide
  • Reduce registration & login friction with social sign on
  • Organize user generated content around key topic areas
  • Create unlimited web pages & content


  • Promote volunteerism, advocacy, partners, products & other items
  • Provide a robust resource library with user-contribution options & approvals
  • Optimize online form submissions & management
  • Share in content from other websites for centralized engagement
  • Give programs, departments or individual members a voice
  • Recognize key engagement actions
  • Improve new to active member conversion rates
  • Create & publish multi-author documents
  • Access full look and feel options