Small World Community at PersoniFest

Small World Community Day | Tuesday, April 10th | All Day

Presenter: Kerstin Wiggins
Description: Yes, you heard us.  We see this misstep frequently, and are here to right the collective ship.  The key to community success is having a strategy based in business goals for your overarching program or organization. Join Managing Consultant Kerstin Wiggins as she dissects this critical and all-too-common misunderstanding. The session then breaks out into a workshop, in which Personify’s community consultants guide teams of participants in articulating impactful community goals and metrics that will tickle your boss’ boss and support your organization’s larger strategic plan.  Our handouts will walk participants through easy steps for defining goals, objectives, tactics and KPIs.  This promises to transform the way you think and communicate about your community.
Presenter: Lindsay Razzaz
Description: Now more than ever, individual storytelling has the power to galvanize movements. So let’s empower great social storytelling among your staff and community members! In this session, you’ll learn how to become purposeful and strategic in crafting a story, depending on your goals and target audience. We’ll explore the complementary strengths of social media and online community, how to optimize community configuration for organic member sharing, and close with a few social-savvy client examples.
Presenter: Jonelle Setiz & Jordan Todd
Description: In this session, learn how to use Small World Community in concert with your other communication channels to create a powerful system for member outreach and acquisition. Then, get inspired to design and build a custom Community welcome program that will make your new members be so glad they joined!
Presenter: Karen Browning
Description: No matter the size of your community, as a community manager, your job is never done. Between finding fresh content and keeping your content calendar up-to-date, to moderating discussions, welcoming and approving new members, then finding the data to prove your worth, there’s never a minute to spare. That’s where your Champions come in! Find out how Todd Laudino of NASSP activated his super users to help him keep community content fresh, welcome new members and keep discussions engaging. Todd and Karen will talk about strategies for using Champions to drive engagement and give some concrete examples of how these strategies worked in Todd’s NASSP Adviser Community.

SWC Bootcamp Training | Monday, April 9th | 2:30-6:00

Bootcamp Summary: Join our team of Community Consultants to learn the ins and outs of Small World Community! This is the perfect training workshop for to build your platform knowledge and learn best practices to maximize your community engagement. We will review major module functionality, explore new features, and provide training around the most valuable tools for community managers. In addition, we will have our consultant team available to answer questions and give insight into feature enhancement opportunities following the session.
**This session is geared towards new clients, new community managers for existing clients, and client teams who want a refresher on what each module offers.

Bootcamp Sessions:

  • Profile Manager
  • Events
  • Automation
  • Forms and Reviews
  • Blogs
  • Groups
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Online Help/Support/Feature Requests