As the pandemic continues to create an uncertain future, organizers are becoming increasingly agile and resilient as they plan moving forward. A growing number of events have been slowly moving forward with a smaller face-to-face meeting and many more incorporating both a physical and online component. With some ready (and excited) to meet again in-person and others prefer (or are limited) to only join virtually, the need to cater to both audiences becomes more important for hybrid events.

How should you plan to create certainty for your event and organization? Join Rich Vallaster, Director of Clients Relations and The Trade Show Wonk at Personify as he shares critical considerations developing plans for both a hybrid experience and a virtual event (as a backup). Key topics include:

  • Audience Development – Building and understanding the needs of various personas in a virtual/hybrid world.
  • Pricing Strategies – Considerations for pricing hybrid and virtual events.
  • Exhibit/Sponsor Management – Creating a flexible and profitable program.
  • Event Technology – Harnessing event technology, including data and analytics for all formats.
  • Programming – Developing a program that creates shared experiences and engagement opportunities.