Your association or organization is more than just a mission; you have programs and initiatives you need to support and goals to hit. But how can ensure your constituents are on the same page and your organization’s digital properties are aligned to maximize their engagement?

Join us as we dive into real-world examples of how organizations in the association and nonprofit industries are driving tangible results and measurable success from online communities catering to specific programs and initiatives.

Personify’s Director of Community Strategy, Matt Ott, shares multiple examples including his own experience with the nonprofit he co-founded, Black Fret, in order to illustrate how to make your mission actionable for you and your constituents.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how organizations like yours have:
    • Created meaningful engagement opportunities for their constituents
    • Transcended the basic definition of “online community”
    • Made their programs “real” for their constituents
    • Amplified the impact of their programs
  • Identify the programs and initiatives in your own organization that can be amplified via community

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