Get the Most from Your Personify360 Software
with Personify Academy

Trained users are a critical component of a successful enterprise software solution. The Personify Academy offers both on-demand, self-paced functional courses and in-person, classroom-based technical courses to help you and your staff get the most out of your Personify360 software.

On-Demand Learning for Functional Skill Building

Personify Academy offers a full range of courses to help you and your staff get the most from the functional capabilities of Personify360. On-demand, easy to access video courses are offered at your pace, on your schedule. It’s a great way to bring new staff up to speed, while keeping experienced staff fresh on the latest functional enhancements.

Personify customers may each register five users at no cost. Contact your Account Manager for a full list of on-demand courses and information on how you can register your users.

Register Today

Whether online or in person, Personify Academy offers the training resources you need to get the most from your Personify360 software. Visit the Personify Academy online and register today.