With the outbreak of COVID-19 and most of the public restricted from travel, organizations and associations have been faced with significant revenue losses in cancelling their events. As the crisis has evolved, many shows have decided to either postpone their event or explore a virtual option as a viable opportunity to obtain revenue and still provide value to their constituents.

Our Guide shares ways for organizers and event professionals to jump start their strategic planning efforts for a virtual world, including:

  • Pre-Planning Strategies – How to develop or translate existing event goals (registration, revenue, etc.) to this new digital format. Guidance on identifying key stakeholders to plan and set goals properly.   
  • The 5Ps – People, Pricing, Placement, Promotion and Partners – Since virtual events are unproven and generally new to the marketplace, understanding the 5Ps are critical to creating your reimagined event.  
  • Building Your Programming – Simply taking in-person content (and the associated speakers) and serving it in a digital environment will not be successful. Creating a successful virtual program requires additional thought and considerations that don’t exist in the in-person world. 
  • Post Event – Whether virtual events will fade with the decline of the Coronavirus, it is still essential to evaluate the successes and failures in the virtual world. 

Regardless of your event or organization size and role, this guide is a must for any organization considering a virtual approach in 2020 or beyond.