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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, show organizers and event professionals have had to reimagine their approach to current and future events given the continuing uncertainty of the pandemic and audiences changing preferences. Many consider hybrids events a way to mitigate risk and take advantage of a broader reach.

Planning for a hybrid event comes with many unique challenges and opportunities. The primary goal is to connect both audiences (physical and online) to create a fantastic experience. As you build your strategy for hybrid events, here are some fundamental considerations and background to keep in mind.

Our Hybrid Event Planning Guide shares critical considerations for organizers and event professionals in developing successful plans for a hybrid experience. Topics include:

  • Advantages of Hybrid Events – Understanding and harnessing the advantages of a hybrid event experience.
  • Pre-Planning Strategies – How to develop or translate existing event goals (registration, revenue, etc.) to both formats (online and in-person). Guidance on identifying key stakeholders to plan and set goals properly.
  • The 5Ps – People, Pricing, Placement, Promotion and Partners – Since hybrid events are generally new to the marketplace, understanding the 5Ps are critical to creating your reimagined event.
  • Building Your Programming – Creating a successful hybrid program requires additional thought and considerations with two audiences in many different places.
  • Post Event – Whether it is the additional data and analytics you gathered or the community you build around your constituents, understanding your event is critical as you move forward.
Regardless of your event or organization size and role, this guide is a must for any organization considering a hybrid approach in the near future.