According to a recent study by The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), 68% of exhibitors ranked generating leads as one of their top three objectives in attending an event.

Unfortunately, organizations have been dependent on hardware-based, prohibitively expensive lead retrieval systems that have created barriers to purchase and adoption. Not only does this challenge deprive a company of having a successful exhibit strategy, but it also has left event organizers lacking robust data to take action.

Whether your organization has a small event or large-scale tradeshow, it’s crucial that your sales and event management teams have effective strategies for using lead retrieval data to drive insights and empower your exhibitors.

Our Guide shares the Top 15 trends of 2020 including:

  • Powerful examples of trends and game-changing strategies to implement at your events in 2020
  • Insights into why these ideas are essential to attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors
  • Personify’s top predictors that revolve around three core areas; Data Analytics, Personalization of the Attendee and Exhibitor Journey/Experience, and Creativity and Mindfulness
  • Event trends that are here to stay versus fads