Mobile marketing produces the most effective campaigns

An increasing number of organizations are experiencing significant rises in member contributions from mobile-specific marketing efforts.

According to Mobile Commerce News, a recent Unicef mobile campaign had a considerable impact on the organization’s visibility. Smartphone and tablet users became more aware of the campaign’s cause as a result of mobile strategies, and as a result, they were more likely to donate. After implementing mobile-specific strategies such as smartphone applications and QR codes, research demonstrated that users were 4.3 percent more likely to give to the organization on account of the mobile campaign. Additionally, positive opinions of the organization grew by 5.5 percent as a result of these efforts.

Another benefit to mobile campaigns is the ease with which users can make donations increases participation. A recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project revealed that mobile donors tend to give to a cause more impulsively and with less research. Campaigns relating to the Haiti earthquake in 2010 encouraged TV viewers to make small donations through text messaging. Of those that donated, 25 percent cited text message as the preferred method for making a contribution, and half of those respondents donated immediately. Only 14 percent of mobile givers admitted to doing any research about the cause.

Easier donations stimulates engagement
Aaron W. Smith, research associate and author of the study, attributed the success of mobile giving to convenience: Since users can simply text a keyword to contribute, donations are made more easily and instantaneously, the NonProfit Times reported.

The implications of mobile campaign success have a ripple effect as well. 43 percent of respondents that made a donation via text message encouraged friends and family to participate in the cause, and 76 percent of those that promoted mobile giving felt their efforts were successful. Smith told The NonProfit Times that in order to maximize visibility, organizations should consider focusing on mobile device marketing strategies.

“Since people are swimming in oceans of information these days, there is always something else that can grab their attention,” he said, “It’s indicative of the problems facing charitable organizations: How do you grab and maintain people’s attention?”

Organizations can distinguish mobile campaigns by employing the most advanced marketing management software to keep track of these efforts for constant improvement. As mobile giving allows for easier, quicker and lower donations, associations that employ these tactics will encourage member recommendations, further promoting awareness and participation.

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