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An online community is a dedicated space for members, volunteers, donors, advocates, colleagues, friends, neighbors and teammates with common interests and goals to gather, socialize, learn, collaborate, and strategize. Think of it as a private clubhouse where all the important discussion and planning happens.

Your online community is the heart of your organization and provides a unique, members-only experience. The most dynamic nonprofit organizations have vibrant online communities that enable members, donors, volunteers and advocates to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Personify Community is the heartbeat of our clients’ associations, chambers of commerce, charities, clubs, societies, and other nonprofit organizations.

Get to Know Personify Community

Elevate Event Engagement with a Dedicated Community

Create an online, collaborative space dedicated to your flagship event, conference, or trade show to engage your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors year-round. Inspire and develop relationships before, during and after your event that create loyal event supporters and superfans. It’s time to make impossible connections possible by eliminating distance between your event attendees.

Benefits of Personify Community


Discussion Forums

Empower member-to-member collaboration, communication and sharing with online communities dedicated to your organization and its purpose or mission.

Group-specific Collaboration

Ensure smaller groups within your organization have their own curated spaces to connect, learn, and share. With custom content permissions, tie specific information and action to the right group of people with shared interests.


Badging, points-tracking, leaderboards, and surveys keep your members and supporters returning and sharing. Cultivate super advocates and fans by using social recognition to reward users for sharing their knowledge.

Multimedia Support

Capture photos, videos, and other media to drive rich SEO and visual engagement and deepen the connection between your members and your organization.

Resource Gallery

Have content that you want to organize and share? Community’s resource gallery gives you the space and flexibility to provide education that your members and users want when they want it.

Event Calendars

Share details with your audience about upcoming virtual and in-person events. Categorize each event for easy recognition and galvanize members around volunteer opportunities.

Email Alerts

Time is precious, and your members have a lot to stay on top of. Eliminate one of those things by automatically sending email alerts with timely conversation updates directly from your software. Additionally, provide a mechanism for members to return to previous conversations and stay engaged.


This flexible module allows users to quickly and easily see what’s going on in your community and interact with newsfeed content, including activity from forums, events, profile posts and file uploads. Great for users who are pressed for time, they’ll never miss the important stuff with the Newsfeed.

Onboarding Tours

Your online community is stronger and more useful when users and visitors know how to use it. Walk users through the process of getting the most out of your community with guided experiences.


Who are you? Scream it from the rooftops with the Organizations feature. Particularly useful for trade associations, chapters, and company-based groups, this tool allows you to share more about your organization, its history and its mission, as well as showcase who all your members are.


Data is key to understanding how your efforts are paying off. Reporting tools and regular check-ups provide intelligence on Community vibrancy and highlight areas to grow engagement. And, Community connects this data to your AMS or CRM for a full view of your members.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Get your members to the action faster and without frustration with our SSO integration. Whether you are a Personify customer or not, Community is a flexible tool that can integrate with your AMS or CRM, including Personify360, for a seamless member login experience.

See how an online community can help you reach more people, boost participation and increase the value of membership.

Why you need an
online community

But wait. I’ve got a website and social media channels, and we hold events. Isn’t that enough?

While these are all valuable tools within your membership ecosystem, an online community is different because it helps you drive loyalty and foster personalized, collaborative, and ongoing member-only experiences. Websites are not interactive, offering only one-way, static communication from you to your members. Social media is interactive but is limited in its content and collaboration value and, even if you create a private group on social media, you lack full control and protection over how the content and your members’ information is used and shared. Events are engaging but temporary.

Personify Community is an online community space for everyday, members-only, multi-channel, and multi-media interaction with participants and content from organizations and members themselves.

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