Episode 20:

Terry is a non-profit tech expert and SEO consultant, previously heading up the SEO department at Wild Apricot/Personify. Currently, he’s following his passion and switching up careers by pursuing a degree in animation. He hosts his own podcast about all things Animation and is using his business expertise to pursue solo endeavors.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Terry initially got involved in working in the nonprofit world, and how he began at Wild Apricot and learned SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Why SEO is an important visibility tool that nonprofit organizations should be using to promote their organizations
  • Why SEO is a great, free option that can help you generate traffic and attract followers to your content
  • Why optimizing your home page and filling out Google My Business are two powerful ways nonprofits of any size can increase their visibility
  • Why it is important to know what keywords users are searching for to find your organization, and how Google Analytics can help you determine what keywords to use
  • How Google indexes and ranks every page on the internet, and what steps you can take to help Google rank you more highly
  • What “backlinks” are, and why it is important to get other websites to link back to your own to increase your Google ranking
  • Why your first step should be to optimize your home page and demonstrate the value your nonprofit offers its members
  • What well-optimized websites Terry recommend you look at to see examples of how sites use SEO to maximize their impact
  • Why social media is a relatively minor component for your ranking, and why you should still make sure your social media is clean, consistent and somewhat active

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