Episode 36: Why Enablement is Crucial for All Organizations

As Director of Sales Enablement at Personify, Shannon Hempel leads the strategy and execution of all sales training, coaching and development. Prior to her corporate career, Shannon was an educator in the Texas Public School System. She is a co-founder of Women in Sales Enablement (WiSE), which serves women in the U.S. and abroad to network and develop professionally and personally. She and her husband live in the Austin, TX area with their dog and two cats.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Shannon shares her background and her role at Personify.
  • The importance of sales enablement within organizations today.
  • Why enablement is crucial, even for associations, nonprofits and companies that don’t have a traditional “sales team.”
  • How and why she founded an organization for Women in Sales Enablement
  • Why it’s important to have a networking group where you can be vulnerable and open about your challenges and successes.
  • The role that Shannon’s teaching background plays in how connects with account managers and the people that she coaches today.

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