Episode 12:

Bob Alves co-founded ASI, the developer of iMIS Software for Associations.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Alves got his start in the association software market
  • ASI’s inspiration to develop a software product that could be upgraded itself as well as through technological change
  • Alves’ experience with identifying a need for data management software in the association and nonprofit industry
  • How Alves made his partnership work for so long
  • The importance of being open to outside help as a business leadership team
  • How Alves navigated the inflection points as he grew ASI to $60M
  • The simple, but powerful entrepreneurial approach of identifying a problem, diving in, and never looking back
  • How Alves and his team manage a strong culture and low attrition rate across multiple offices in the technology industry
  • ASI’s growth through acquisitions

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