Episode 19:

Teresa Zimmerman’s Bio:

Teresa Zimmerman serves as the Vice President of Marketing at Personify. She leads Personify’s global marketing organization and is responsible for driving market leadership, global awareness, demand generation, strategic events and product go-to-market plans. Teresa has a rich history of success driving excellence at enterprise SaaS companies, having spent time at Bazaarvoice, Lithium and Fuze where she oversaw North American marketing programs, including field and solutions marketing, demand creation, advertising and events. Beyond the office, Teresa serves on the board of directors for BookSpring, a nonprofit supporting childhood literacy and resides with her family in Austin, Texas.

Erin Geoffroy’s Bio:

A recognized leader in marketing, brand and content, Erin Geoffroy has spent over 10 years helping organizations tell meaningful stories and create effective engagement strategies. Her diverse background includes developing highly effective national marketing campaigns and digital tools in the software, consumer goods, healthcare and nonprofit sectors. Since obtaining her MBA in Marketing and MA in Journalism in 2016, Erin has focused on empowering nonprofits and associations to better engage their members and donors through technology and the use of data-driven insights. At Personify, Erin develops and executes marketing campaigns across Personify’s verticals and suite of products and leads brand marketing initiatives.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the global coronavirus pandemic has broadly impacted associations across all industries, and how Personify is working to help these associations adapt
  • How Teresa and Erin and their team have worked to shift the 2020 PersoniFest event into an entirely online virtual experience, and what steps they are taking to make it work
  • Why it has been important to analyze and adjust the goals for PersoniFest and to adapt delivery to support those goals
  • How adapting PersoniFest’s more than three days of events to a single-day virtual event has been challenging but also has presented an exciting opportunity
  • How teamwork and collaboration, both internally and with external vendors and other partners, has been critically important to adapting the event to the virtual space
  • What advice Erin and Teresa would offer to associations who need to swiftly adapt their events to virtual experiences
  • Why clear communication and keeping stakeholders well-informed, engaged and allowing them to be a part of the process is important

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