Episode 29:

Amy Neumann is a keynote speaker who enjoys traveling internationally – and in the United States – to inspire and influence World Changers to leverage technology to do more of their mission work faster and easier, while also being more inclusive. #changetheworld

Amy is also a social good and technology fanatic who has been creating positive change for over two decades. With a focus on blockchain and AI, she is a social impact entrepreneur who founded a startup nonprofit called Free Tech for Nonprofits (and its subsidiary, Technology Inclusion) to help nonprofits do more of their important work faster while being inclusive as well as proactive about diversity and equity.

She is also CEO and principal of the social enterprise consultancy, Good Plus Tech, with a focus on leveraging emerging technologies and smart communication strategies to solve global social impact challenges. Amy speaks often, at places like Dell’s Social Innovation Conference, ASU’s Sustainability Conference, NTEN events, Blockland Solutions, nonprofit events, and universities. She is widely published, including as a contributor to Forbes, an author of PR News’ Crisis Management Guidebook, a contributor for Thrive Global, and a columnist for the Huffington Post.

Because she can’t get enough of innovative world-changers, Amy also publishes on her passion project site, CharityIdeas.org. Amy’s 2018 Simon & Schuster book, Simple Acts to Change the World: 500 Ways to Make a Difference, is a tribute to the many great ideas she’s discovered on the topics of social good, social justice, equity, technology for good, and volunteering through her work and philanthropy.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Amy first got involved in the nonprofit sector, and how she recognized the value modern technology offers to nonprofits
  • How technology can help expand a nonprofit organization’s reach far beyond their local area, and how nonprofits can potentially get an advertising grant from Google Adwords
  • Why Amy suggests you write down the ten most frequently asked questions you get from your members and then create content that answers those questions
  • How to identify the right technology that can solve your challenges, and how review websites like capterra.com can help you decide which software tools are right for you
  • What other free and low-cost tools Amy recommends for nonprofits to use, and why these tools can be valuable resources for consistent design and content creation
  • How LinkedIn can be an excellent connection and networking tool, and how Amy recommends you keep up with your content schedule
  • Why TED talks can be invaluable resources for educating yourself on new technologies and ideas for nonprofits, and how Think with Google can help with your marketing efforts
  • Amy shares the kinds of impact organizations she has worked with have received through embracing the technology available to them
  • How there are tools that can even help you reach a new audience through Duolingo and YouTube translations to improve your discovery across languages

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