Episode 26:

Amy Jacobus is obsessed with helping service providers, entrepreneurs and mission-based business owners increase their impact with smart, human marketing online. Amy teaches workshops and leads programs full of simple, apply-it-now strategies for your website, email and social media, including her signature program, Confident + Consistent Marketing. She has designed courses, facilitated workshops and participated in panel discussions for the University of Denver, LEAP at St. Mary’s College, Barnard College, New York Foundation for the Arts, Gibney Dance, The Artist Co-op and Pentacle, among others. Learn more about Amy and her work at amyjacobus.marketing and follow her at @amyjacobus on Instagram.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Amy’s early interest in both dance and writing led her to her current career helping nonprofit organizations market themselves
  • Amy shares some of the key lessons she has learned and favorite experiences she has had working in the nonprofit space
  • Why “perfection paralysis” is a real challenge for nonprofit organizations, and why over-editing your work can be a problem
  • Why engaging with your current audience is at least as important as attracting a new audience, and why it’s worth overcoming the capacity challenge to nurture relationships
  • Amy offers five key prompts to help you generate new content ideas that are relevant and valuable to your audience
  • How Amy helps clients tell authentic and engaging stories to answer frequently asked questions about their organizations
  • What steps Amy recommends to encourage your audience to view your content, and why teasing the content is the secret to getting subscribers to engage
  • Why not all of your contacts needs to have a call to action, and why nurturing and delighting your existing subscribers can help spread your message
  • Why starting one-on-one conversations with subscribers can help them feel connected to your organization on a deeper level
  • Why it is important to celebrate your successes with your subscribers and express gratitude for their support

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