Personifest Agenda: Wednesday

9:00am – 10:30am

Session: Let’s Talk Accounting

Description: A top session year after year. This is your chance to collaborate with accountants at other associations. Discuss the challenges you are facing, share your success stories, and learn from others who have already been there and done that.

Moderator: Lisa Castro

Credits: 1.5 CAE

This track does not have a session during this time.
Session: Business Case for Zero-Dollar Member Benefit Programs

Description: Let’s drive discussion around the topic of strategic level decisions that impact members. Particularly, how decisions involving database configuration, while done in the interest of limiting expenses, can have an adverse effect on member engagement.

Speakers: Kevin Minot & Nikita Peete & Amanda Roberts

Credits: 1.5 CAE

This track does not have a session during this time.
Session: Tips, Tricks, and Trends in Event Technology

Description: Core-apps CEO Jay Tokosch will walk through the event technology space’s biggest trends and connect the dots on why they matter to event organizers and how to make the most of them. Topics include VR/AR, Gamification, Chatbots, Mobile and Location Based Marketing, Beacons, Streaming and Analytics.

Speaker: Jay Tokosch

Credits: 1.5 CAE

*Session: Advanced Meeting Configurations

Descriptions: So you’ve mastered the simple meeting – register an attendee, take their money, maybe a social event to go along with that. Now let’s move on to multiple breakout sessions, badges, tickets, questionnaires, waitlists and more. Includes online workflows.

Speaker: Laura Goldman

Session: Duplicate Customer Processing Training and Best Practices

Description: Come learn how to take control of the duplicates in your database and help prevent them from happening in the first place. From CUS200 to CUS100, CUS590 to CUS595, Soundex to Phonetic, and online duplicate check to checking for duplicates online. Gain the skills and best practices your association needs to clean your data.

Speaker: John Rosa

11:00am – 4:00pm


*Session: Membership Soup to Nuts

Description: If you are like many clients, your Personify Business Consultant configured your membership module for you when you first started using Personify, and you haven’t felt brave enough to look at what other features might be out there in the module worth using. Maybe you have been thinking about making some changes to your membership configurations, but were worried about messing something up. This training will review the entire membership setup area of Personify360, but will also open up discussions with other attendees on why they use the module the way that they do.

Speaker: Susannah Mechem


Session: eBusiness Configuration Training

Description: This year the focus is on the store. Together we will review the configurations for the shopping pages for inventory, subscription and digital content product. Product listings, details, upsells, featured products, reviews and more.

Speaker: Laura Goldman


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