PersoniFest Agenda: Tuesday

8:30am – 9:20am

Session: Google Analytics and Tracking Analytics Across Multiple Sites

Description: Tracking analytics on your website can be a full time job. Tracking analytics across several different sites can quickly send you into overtime. Learn how to capture and track meaningful analytics across multiple websites. We’ll demonstrate how Personify clients are doing this. Discover tools and resources for identifying the right data across your main site, Personify360 e-commerce site, community site, conference site, etc. Finally, learn how to effectively use this data to make simple website adjustments that result in huge outcomes.

Speakers: Frank Klassen & Clay Gibney

Credits: 0.83 CAE

Session: Data to the People

Description: When technology is seen only as a tool or a cost center, it’s potential – and the potential of the association – is limited. When looked at through the lens of the IT Maturity Model, data is not just an enabler for growth, it is one of an association’s most important assets. Just like other assets such as people, cash and buildings, data needs to be managed. In this session, two industry experts discuss the importance of data as an asset and ways to shift the culture to embrace evidence-based decision making. Walk away with a new appreciation for how data can help advance your career. After all, it’s really the people with vision and insight who decide what to measure and take action on the results.

Speakers: Debbie King & Loretta DeLuca

Credits: 0.83 CAE


Session: Small World Community Latest and Greatest

Description: Join Brian Rucker and Ken Aponte for a look at what we’ve already accomplished in 2017 and what’s to come!

Speaker: Brian Rucker

Session: Using Your Database to Create Synergies Between Siloed Departments

Description: You’ve used three different platforms across five different departments for years. Now you’re bringing all of your data together on Personify360 and departments can no longer function as silos. Learn how some Personify clients use their database/platform/AMS/online community to create synergies between siloed departments.

Speakers: Barbara Yarbrough & Denny Lengkong

Credits: 0.83 CAE

Session: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Description: This session will provide a basic understanding of what Search Engine Optimization is and how your organization can use it to drive visibility and success with online search engines. The session will include an overview of general SEO practices and review the SEO features added in Personify360 versions 7.6.0 and 7.6.1, including derived on-page factors, user-defined on-page factors, google rich snippets, twitter card attributes, and more! No idea what any of that means? Come find out, and learn how your organization can leverage this valuable feature!

Speakers: Paige Freeman & Maggie Cameron

Session: 5 Big Technology Trends Impacting You and Your Organization

Description: Technology continues to be a game changer for our organizations. It will continue to change the way we do business, how we relate to our members and donors, and how our constituents perceive and assign value to what we provide. Ownership of technology within the organization is also changing, and along with it, the role of IT. This session will highlight 5 big trends in nonprofit technology that are likely to impact your work and organization, and draws upon findings from the Lehman Reports™ series of nonprofit technology studies, Gartner reports, and other leading industry sources.

Speaker: Tom Lehman

Session: Leveraging Personify360 for Online Giving

Description: In this session, participants will learn how to configure Personify360 application, products and .NET controls to successfully implement online giving.

Speaker: Marti Hejl

9:30am – 10:20am

Session: Prove it! Why Community Metrics Are Important

Description: As community managers, metrics can be daunting and left to the side until someone asks “Can you prove this with data?” After the panic resides, there’s a scramble for important information. In this session, attendees will learn how to determine important metrics for their organization, develop engagement trackers to prove success, and learn how to utilize the SWC reporting dashboard as part of these processes. They will leave with a better sense of how to prove their success and a better mastery of the robust reporting tool available to them.

Speaker: Shannon Emery

Session: Community: Making Your Programs and Initiatives Real via Community

Description: Your association or organization is more than just a mission. You have programs, initiatives and membership goals you intend to fulfill. In this session you’ll see real world examples of how these programs and initiatives have been made real, measurable and successful. And you will be able to see how they can be made real for you and your constituents.

Speaker: Matt Ott

Credits: 0.83 CAE

This track does not have a session during this time.
Session: Harness the Power of Your Event Technology

Description: How to manage your event registration, capture accurate data and leverage it throughout the year – all while enhancing the attendee experience. In this session, we’ll take a look at technologies which integrate with Personify360 for every part of your event including; event marketing, online registration, badging, session tracking, exhibitor management and post conference follow-up.

Speakers: Jeff Baker, Paul Hoiberg & Kate Dodd

Session: A Digital Transformation: Moving from Data to an Insight-Driven Approach Using Marketing Automation

Description: See how the Society for Neuroscience updated their marketing technology stack to move from traditional email marketing to embrace the world of insight-driven activities via marketing automation. By leveraging known membership data, combined with social and content consumption data collected through various marketing automation workflows and campaigns, SfN has undergone a digital transformation. This session will cover the details of the new marketing technology stack and how the Personify data flows to identify areas of additional growth and prospecting using the marketing automation platform.

Speaker: Ron McGrath

*Session: Personify360 Data Analyzer Training for Accountants

Description: Join us for a sneak peek at our new financial universe. Learn the in’s and out’s of what’s included in the new universe, as well as some ideas for reports. This new tool should make your job with reconciliation easier!

Speaker: Sharon Clarke


Session: Plug In to Outlook

Description: Join us for Outlook plug-in training. From installation to configuration; setups to best practices. Come learn everything you’ve forgotten about our Outlook plug-in.

Speaker: John Rosa

10:45am – 12:15pm

Session: Extend Membership Lifetime Value with Intelligent Payments Data

Description: Nonprofits, associations, and other member-focused and mission-driven organizations are constantly focused on ways to increase membership retention and streamline operations. Frequently overlooked, however, are the rich data nuggets – response info gleaned from payments processing, account updating, and fraud management, among others – that can all identify critical attributes that can help organizations drive higher donations/dues/revenue-per-member.

Speaker: Patti Mercier

Session: Transform your Staff, Consultants, and Top Contributors into a High Performing Community Management Team

Description: Whether you manage an online community or are considering building one, this workshop is for you! As organizations transform to become more member-centric, agile and web-integrated, online communities are proving to be powerful tools not only for member engagement, but for meeting key challenges of organizations as a whole. In this workshop, we’ll reveal how SWC clients improve data integrity, member acquisition & SEO, event ROI, program synergy, and business intelligence, among other examples. Learn how to transform coworkers, Personify consultants and community champions into an all-star team of collaborators, and begin capturing this expanded community ROI.

Speaker: Lindsay Razzaz

Credits: 1.5 CAE

Session:eBusiness Strategy: Integrate Personify360 With Your Website

Description: Personify offers a number of integration opportunities – oData webservices, .NET controls, and out-of-the-box DNN options. But in what instances should you use which method when integrating with your website and mobile apps? What are the pros, cons, and costs to these approaches? Come to this session to hear some case studies, talk through your integration strategy, and determine the best approach for your integration project.

Speakers: Brooks Durfee & Robert Dobos

Session: Lead Generation: Customer Lifecycle

Description: Take a trip through the customer lifecycle and learn lead generation strategies to target not only prospects, but also past members.

Presenters: Melanie Larimer & Curtis Nunley

Credits: 1.5 CAE

Session: Agile Approach: How to Identify Requirements, Contain Scope & Manage Budget

Description: Gone are the days of rigid inflexible project plans that fail to deal with the realities of complex IT projects. Being Agile and being ready for change is the direction the industry is going. But how do we retain control? In this session we will explore the framework Personify uses to allow our project to flex with change on the project without getting run over and losing control of scope and budget.

Speaker: Bill Connell

*Session: Personify360 Data Analyzer Training – Advanced

Description: In this hands-on advanced training you will learn what’s possible with this powerful tool. You’ll be tempted to go back to your office immeditately to dive in and learn more about your members. *Please note advanced registration is required for computer use. Non-registrants can still attend, but a computer is not guaranteed.

Speaker: Sharon Clarke


Session: Personify360 Notifications for All

Description: The Personify360 Email Notifications system is a flexible email delivery system designed to give Personify360 users the capability to define and implement notification events that meet their business needs. Are you taking full advantage of this functionality? Learn how to make the most of this powerful feature to enhance your constituent’s experience, facilitate and automate processes.

Speaker: Michael Hunter

1:30pm – 3:00pm

Session: Data Analyzer Best Practices

Description: Data Analyzer rock stars share their best practices with other clients hoping to improve their reporting strategies.

Speakers: Denise Leipold & Pam Styles & Brian Spanner

Session: How To Drive Fundraising and Retention with Online Community

Description: You’ve created a community, but what makes it thrive? How do you acquire new community members, and turn them into loyal, life-long supporters of your organization? In this session we’ll explore a variety of strategies to better engage, convert, and retain your community members.

Speaker: Donna Wilkins

Credits: 1.5 CAE


Session: Workshop: Is Your Community Firing on all Cylinders?

Description: Has your community had its annual tune-up? This session will begin with a conceptual conversation, and then move into a workshop-style review of your community’s overall health and performance.  Using our specific diagnostic checklist, participants will critically assess current configuration, workflows, integration points, and engagement practices.  This assessment will return a list of proven, actionable improvements for each participant’s community.  To top off this exercise, we will share new platform tips and tricks that really drive engagement to the next level.  Leave this session with a working knowledge of how to improve members’ community experience and capture the full potential of the platform!

Speaker: Andrea Meyer

Credits: 1.5 CAE

Session: Project Management Poker Activity (Interactive Session)

Description: PM Poker is a lively and interactive discussion to gain perspectives from members of a project team as they respond to their project management poker hands. Designed in a fishbowl setting, you will have the opportunity to observe from the gallery and offer feedback at times or if you are willing, you can play a hand yourself. The poker deck includes real world scenarios that draw out individual department viewpoints to help everyone understand how they can impact a project.

Speaker: David DeLorenzo

Credits: 1.5 CAE

Session: Taking the Fear Out of Learning New Technology 

Description: Interested in learning how to successfully manage the change/transition involved in learning new technology, whether it’s during the implementation of a new product/platform, or during an upgrade of an existing platform? Find out who has been successful and how they did it.

Speakers: Marc Ferguson & Mark Hopkins

Credits: 1.5 CAE

Session: How to Build a 360 Degree View of Your Members and Create a Personalized Digital Experience

Description: For many organizations, the rich information from the member database has laid dormant in regards to being utilized fully in online channels. The standard connections were made with the login functionality, membership role/permissions, but until recently, the use of that member data was not focused on creating a truly personalized digital experience. In this talk, we will show you the benefits of modeling that 360° view of your members and give you recommendations on how you can create different personalized digital experiences from that data.

Speakers: Tim Ahlenius

Credits: 1.5 CAE

Session: Security & Personas Training and Best Practices

Description: Did you ever work with staff that would benefit from looking at information in Personify360, but you’re afraid they may change data? Wish you could make it easier for staff to get to just the screens they need to see? How about needing to hide a field from everyone but a select few? This training will show you how.

Speakers: Laura Godlman & Anne-Marie Katalenas

3:30PM – 5:00PM

Closing General Session:PersoniFest: The Game Show

Description: Join the assembled PersoniFest community for the conference’s final closing session. We’ll begin with a highly-interactive game show exercise, in which customers compete to answer questions about Personify products, partners, customers and staff. Learn about all that and much more, in a session that promises to be the talk of the year. Once that’s completed, we’ll make the much-anticipated announcement about the location of PersoniFest 2018. Confer with your friends and colleagues, fill out your brackets and place your bets for the big reveal.

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