PersoniFest Agenda: Monday

9:00AM – 10:30AM

General Session: Keynote Speaker Greg Schwem

Description: Greg Schwem, business humorist, nationally syndicated humor columnist and founder of funnydadinc, will deliver the keynote address at PersoniFest 2017. Greg spent the first part of his career as an award-winning reporter for NBC-owned WPTV in West Palm Beach, but was eventually led to become a public speaker after returning to his hometown of Chicago and finding success as a stand-up comedian with a focus on business and technology challenges. Greg is also the author of Text Me if You’re Breathing: Observations, Frustrations and Life Lessons for a Low-Tech Dad and The Road to Success Goes Through the Salad Bar: A Pile of BS (Business Stories) From a Corporate Comedian.

11:00am – 12:30pm

Session: Using Scheduled Jobs to Automate Data Cleanup

Description: Attend this session to learn how to use scheduled jobs in SQL to clean-up data and/or how to alert stakeholders about possible bad data and how to easily clean it yourself.

Speakers: Anne-Marie Katalenas & Pam Styles

Session: Putting it All Together: Implementation & Training Success

Description: Hear the success stories and learn the proven methods the American Optometric Association has made in their journey to implement Personify360 to its affiliates while continuing to adapt to an ever changing membership association environment. The AOA continually develops and works to ensure that training events and learning transfer is ever present in the organization between all of Personify360’s users through the implementation the Personify360 Course Catalog, the knowledge centered support system (KCS), all of its one-on-one knowledge engagement sessions, and lunch-and-learn sessions and more.

Speaker: Adam Reider

Credits: 1.5 CAE


Session: Make Your Community Soar: Using Personify360 and Small World Community Together to Mobilize Your Membership

Description: Whether you are currently using Small World Community, P360, or both this session is for you!  Learn about the powerful features of this robust integration and how it should be leveraged strategically to build engagement, add value to your membership, and drive ROI for your organization.

Speaker: Brian Rucker

Session: The Challenge of Change for Accounting

Description: We all find change difficult and are used to a certain way of doing things. Come to this session and find out how to expand your accounting mind and get used to doing things in a different way and maybe a way that you never thought of.

Speakers: Lisa Castro & Leslie Olinger & Robin Jackson

Credits: 1.5 CAE | 1.8 CPE

Session: Open, Click, Convert: Email Marketing Best Practices for 2017

Description: Attend this session and learn how you can make email the most powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. Be among the first to hear the latest metrics from the 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report and understand what they mean for your organization to improve opens, clicks, and conversions.
See examples of how other associations are improving delivery rates, increasing open rates with creative subject line tests, and designing emails to optimize the call to action.

Speaker: Mitch Fohrman

Credits: 1.5 CAE

This track does not have a session at this time.
*Session: Personify360 Data Analyzer Training Beginner

Description: Data Analyzer brings the power of reporting to non-technical staff. Learn how to use drag and drop features to easily create and drill-down through complex queries. This session is designed for beginners and will also be beneficial for those who need a refresher. *Please note advanced registration is required for computer use. Non-registrants can still attend, but a computer is not guaranteed.

Speaker: Marti Hejl

Credits: 1.0 CAE

Session: All About Invoicing

Description: Invoicing can be a bit complicated if you haven’t done it before. Different subsystems have different rules for how orders are invoiced, and there are different ways to generate invoices. This training will cover everything from the basics to the advanced, so you definitely will want to put this training on your conference agenda.

Speaker: Susannah Mechem


General Session: Momentum: Personify’s Product Keynote

Description: Join Personify’s Chief Technology Officer, Dave Cooper, and the Personify product team as they share exciting updates from the R&D organization, provide an overview of the latest product releases, and share the strategic roadmap and vision for Personify’s product lines targeted at maximizing the value of your Personify investment.

3:30pm – 4:20pm

Session: Data Mart/ Warehouse Case Studies

Description: Do you feel like you’ve got a lot of data around the organization you could use to drive the business forward and make better decisions? But you don’t have a good handle on it? What and where is all of that data? And even if I knew, what could I do with it?
This session will take you through a real life case study of an association that was just like that. The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) considers itself to have “started from the bottom”, with little more than lots of questions. This is their story about how they, with their partners at Proximo, used Personify’s business intelligence platform as the basis for an entire infrastructure that now supports their staff in being more data-driven. You’ll see how they went about their journey to climb up to where they are now.

Speakers: James Derousselle & David Ricciardi

Session: How to Involve Non-IT Staff with Personify360

Description: Personify360 is essential to your organization and how you connect with your members. Yet, among the non “techy” crowd, it can seem like a beast of a platform and challenging to absorb. Join us to learn the softer side of Personify360 and how your entire team can grow to better understand its insights.

Speakers: Julie Huebsch & Anne-Marie Katalenas & Pam Styles

Session: Leveraging a Personify360 Upgrade for Business Process Redesign

Description: Looking to upgrade Personify360 in the near future? This session will compare and contrast different kinds of upgrades including: lift & shift, moderately complex, and very complex upgrades. Attend this session to find out what might be the best fit for your organization.

Speaker: Kelly Jarvis

Session: Stop the Membership Bleed!

Description: Lapsed members are too valuable to just let them slip away. So often our focus is on new members that we don’t understand why current members leave, or know how to get them back! Having an effective strategy for winning back lapsed members is crucial for building a healthy membership and long term organizational success. This session will discuss the importance of focusing on lapsed members and walk through the strategic approach that brought 800 members back to AARC in just 45 days. Learn why “we miss you” campaigns fail, and what you can do differently to win back your lapsed members.

Speaker: Mitch Fohrman

Credits: 0.83 CAE


Session: Ah-ha Ideas Panel: Accounting Tips and Tricks

Description: You know the moment with a great idea clicks? Expect several of these. Accounting and finance experts will share their great tips and ideas for running their businesses on Personify360. Your learn tips and tricks to save you time, as well as entire new ways of looking at your processes. Come prepared with your questions for the panelists.

Speakers: Leslie Rogers-Wright & Jennifer France

Credits: 1.0 CAE

Session:When Two Worlds Collide: Merging the Online and Offline Community

Description: Many companies and organizations offer in-person experiences: events, conventions, trade-shows, meetups and more. But, what if those offline experiences could reach your vast online audience as well? Learn the benefits, best practices, and tools available to seamlessly integrate your online and offline community experiences.

Speakers: Ken Aponte & Lindsay Razzaz

Credits: 0.83 CAE

Session: How Do I Make This Financial Adjustment? 

Description: Have you ever wondered what the financial effects of an adjustment will be? Or how do I fix this data to get the correct journal entry? Come to this session and find out the answers to your questions and perhaps even to questions you didn’t know you had.

Speaker: Michael Hunter

Credits: 1.0 CAE

Session:Order Processing Tips & Tricks

Description: There is so much to learn when it comes to processing and managing orders. Are you doing things the most effective way? This training will review lots of tips and tricks to save you time and gain efficiency in your order processing.

Speaker: Susannah Mechem

4:30pm – 5:20pm

Session: Avoiding Conflicting Financial Data in P360

Description: Are you not sure if your financial data in Personify360 is correct? Does it match your GL? Come to this session and find out best practices for ensuring correct financial data in Personify360.

Speakers: Robin Jackson & Lisa Castro

Credits: 1.0 CAE

Session: The Best Parts of Personify you AREN’T Using

Description: Personify360 is a huge system, no one uses the whole thing, right? This is probably true, but we bet there are a lot of areas of the system that you SHOULD be using that you aren’t. Come learn from some seasoned users some of the features they have uncovered that make their lives easier.

Speakers: Marc Furguson & Leslie Olinger

Session: Which Data Analytics Tools Can be Used to Measure Success (& Failures)

Description: Presenters at this session will discuss how they are using Personify360 Data Analytics and other tools and what they have found to be the most effective strategy for measuring success and failure.

Speakers: Denise Leipold & Denny Lengkong

Session: Notifications Swap Meet

Description: Presenters for this session are proud of notification events that they have created in Personify360 and are ready to show it off. Join us as they share their accomplishments with others. But don’t be shy, speak up and tell us about what you’re doing at your organization.

Speakers: Nick Wells & Peter Storms

Session: The Surprising Connection between Millennials, Culture, and Growth

Description: Come learn how a couple Personify360 and Small World Community clients continue to provide value to members/constituents and improve member retention.

Speaker: Jamie Notter

Credits: 0.83 CAE

Session: It’s Electric! Digital Content and the Association

Description: Come learn about the ECD/DCD module in Personify360 and all of the new and exciting features. Take your digital content to the next level with our new .NET controls in 7.6.1, Digital Rights Management, and the flexibility to use a content distribution network or any other content hosting service!

Speaker: John Rosa

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