Support your diverse lines of business.

The Personify360 platform is the foundation for the Personify360 modules that help you manage your diverse lines of business. From a 360 degree view of your constituents to delivering your digital content to managing large events, Personify has you covered.

Gain a 360 degree view of every interaction and transaction that surrounds each and every constituent.

Abstract and Submission Management
Manage your end to end abstracts and submission process through submission, blind reviews, and approval.

Advertising Management
Manage your revenue generating advertising programs and sponsorships with ease.

Awards Management
Drive self-service awards nominations and review in a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Camp/Team Management
Market, sell, and manage your camps and team-based programs with extensive self-service options.

Chapter Management
Define and manage your chapters and drive membership through automated chapter assignment upon signup.

CMS Connectors
Embed Personify constituent-facing self-service options into your website with drop-in connectors to your CMS.

Child Care
Manage child care programs and authorized individual drop-offs & pick-ups to give you peace of mind.

Committee Management
Manage your organization’s Boards and Committees and drive engagement through self-service options.

Corporate & Staff Management
Grant permissions to group managers to add and manage employees or other constituents of their organization.

Digital Content Delivery
Market, sell, deliver, and protect your static, audio, and video content while leveraging CDN delivery.

Education, Certification and Transcript Management
Manage education and transcripts while offering certification programs with simple or complex requirements.

Exhibitions Management
Market, sell, and manage your exhibition floor space and sponsorship programs.

Facility Access
Control membership-based access to your gyms, clubs, or other pay-for-access facilities.

Fundraising and Donor Management
Gain a 360 degree view of your constituents’ donor activity and offer user friendly giving opportunities.

Meetings Management
Manage your simple meeting or complex events with ease while delivering intuitive options even around complex registration processes.

Membership Management
Define and manage complex membership programs with intuitive self-service join and renew processes.

Microsoft Outlook Connector
Capture every constituent touch point with ease using the intuitive tools you already use every day.

Product Order and Inventory Management
Define a limitless number of physical or virtual products while managing every financial aspect of their delivery.

Publication and Subscription Management
Define, market, and sell all types of publications and subscriptions in an automated fashion.

Single Sign-On
Provide your internal users and constituents the best user experience with SSO across all of your systems.

Volunteer Management
Manage, engage, and curate your organization’s volunteers and drive impactful activity.

Seamlessly interface to common 3rd party systems such as address validation, General Ledger, payment processing, telephony, hotel blocking, and audit logging software.

Personify360 Web Services and API Library
Integrate virtual any system with your Personify platform with modern web services and APIs.

Personify360 Studio Toolkit SDK
Tailor your Personify360 system to your exacting needs with our Studio Toolkit and make your system future proof.