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Bringing all of your lines of business into a single system is only half of the picture. Once your data is unified, many systems fall short by simply providing basic canned reports. While valuable, they only give you a basic historical view of your operations. You have all of that data at your fingertips but no tools that can help you slice and dice it to gain valuable insight.

Personify360 offers multiple levels of business intelligence and analytics so that you can get the most from your data. The Personify360 platform is driven by embedded SAP BusinessObjects as its reporting and analytics engine. Standard reports and dashboards are just the beginning. You have the ability to easily manipulate data in a visual environment to pinpoint the exact data that you need. Prefer to work remotely or in typical office productivity applications? No problem. With Personify360 Analytics, you can take reporting with you on your mobile device or access the systems data directly from Microsoft Office applications.

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  • In addition to the standard analytics of the Personify360 platform, Personify offers pre-built data marts that give you a higher degree of insight. These denormalized data sets give you point in time data around your Constituents, Membership, Sales, Meetings, and Funds that will help you identify trends to deliver predictive information into your decision making process.
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    Video: Personify360 Analytics

    This introductory video gives an overview on how Personify360 Analytics can fit the needs of any organization, from those who need a simple reporting tool, to those who require the depth and flexibility of data analysis across multiple systems.
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    Brochure: Personify360 Analytics

    In this high-level brochure, find out how Personify360 Analytics provides you with the complete insight you need into your organization’s data, all in a user-friendly package.
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    Personify is committed to bringing you the solutions you need where and when you need them. Request a demo of Personify’s new browser-based client to see where our product is headed.
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