Strengthening Communities

Personify believes in not only uniting communities, but in strengthening them as well. Our offices routinely donate their time and goods to local charities. Everything from Food Banks to Ice Bucket challenges – giving back is part of the culture here at Personify.

Bake sale benefiting Autism Speaks at our Vienna office.

Autism Speaks & The Ivymount School

In addition to holding bake sales and fundraisers benefiting Autism Speaks, the Personify Vienna office employs interns from The Ivymount School. Named twice by the US Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, The Ivymount School and Programs is a non-profit school and outreach center providing quality educational programs and therapeutic services to students with special needs from 4 to 21 years of age. Since its founding in 1961, Ivymount has helped more than 8,000 young people, from throughout the Washington metropolitan area to lead independent and fulfilling lives as productive members of their communities.

Program Benefits

  • Opportunities to practice social skills with supervisors and coworkers, engaging in workplace-appropriate behavior.
  • Learning to navigate a large office building.
  • Following directions from a supervisor (verbal and/or written).
  • Using a to-do list and/or checklist to complete assignments.
  • Completing real work that benefits supervisors and coworkers.
  • Learning new workplace routines.

Capital Area Food Banks

Both our Austin and Vienna offices regularly volunteer their time, money, and goods to local food banks. The Vienna office’s annual canned food drive fills the lobby every year, the Austin team helped provide over 12,000 meals on their 2 shifts at the Austin Food Bank, and all Personify offices raised enough money to provide an additional 1,800 meals.

Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism. Their longtime friend Bernie Marcus donated $25 million to help financially launch the organization. Since then, Autism Speaks has grown into the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. We are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish and look forward to continued successes in the years ahead.

Employees from our Austin office at the Capital Area Food Bank.

Black Fret event at a Personify employee’s house!

Black Fret

Personify’s own Matt Ott co-founded and leads a local nonprofit to help support Austin’s unique music community. Black Fret recognizes local, “popular” music as an art form worthy of community support just as the opera, symphony and theater has been supported for generations. Black Fret’s mission enables the creation and performance of music through a member-based patronage model and has awarded over $100,000 in grants this year.

A Kid Again – Columbus, OH

For 2015, Personify chose “A Kid Again,”, a charitable organization that exists to foster hope, happiness and healing for families raising kids with life threatening illnesses. Families thrust into the situation of having to care for a child with a life threatening illness are unprepared and usually unequipped to deal with what follows, often feeling they have lost their hold on the situation and their own lives. A Kid Again helps to restore a sense of normalcy for their child and themselves. A Kid Again strives to make life for families caring for a child with a life-threatening illness more like “life” again by helping them gain back moments of solace and a sense of control over their circumstances.

A Kid Again strives to give these kids an opportunity to have fun and feel like they should – the kid they are meant to be each day. Our adventures are designed for kids to have something to look forward to, to have fun with friends and give their sisters, brothers and parents some respite as well. Siblings are often left on the sideline due to the stress and necessary attention/time demands of the ill child. They also give our families a time to connect and network with each other. They empathize and understand what one another is facing. They connect and become resources to one another as well. Please visit their website for more information.

New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation

For 2014, Personify chose to support New Orleans musicians with a donation to the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation (NOMAF). They foundation evolved from the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to expand its mission and promise to keep New Orleans music alive by sustaining New Orleans’ traditional music cultures through a Gig Fund and Emergency Fund. The Gig Fund provides direct financial assistance to local non-profit organizations so they can employ New Orleans’ musicians for their events.

Since 1998, the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic (NOMC) has been dedicated to keeping New Orleans’ performers alive in body, mind, and spirit by providing comprehensive health care and mental health/social services. We encourage you to visit the NOFA website to read about their programs listen to musician testimonials, and consider a donation.