The universe of constituent-focused organizations can be a complex one to navigate, and it includes many audiences. We refer to the people our clients serve as constituents, which may include members, donors, attendees, sponsors, volunteers, fundraisers, exhibitors and other stakeholders. When it comes to enabling all facets of an organization from the national level down to the individual member or constituent, Personify is a trusted partner that can help you drive engagement, optimization and results.

Explore the different types of organizations that we serve, which include more than 250 national and international organizations as well as over 30,000 state, chapter and affiliate organizations.


United by a common profession, industry, activity, interest or geographical location, associations rely on Personify to attract new members, keep them engaged and build loyalty. We actively work with professional associations, trade associations, volunteer associations, political parties and clubs.

Our solutions for associations


With a focus on philanthropy and social welfare, charities from the local to national level rely on Personify to drive awareness, build support, raise funds and deliver impactful programs to their communities. We actively work with interest groups, educational organizations and donor-centric organizations.

Our solutions for charities

Health and Wellness Organizations

Centered around creating connections while improving the quality of life in their communities, health and wellness organizations of all sizes depend on Personify to strengthen their membership, drive program participation and boost giving. We actively work with youth organizations, YMCAs and JCCs.

Our solutions for health & wellness

Emerging Nonprofits

Whether you’re a local chapter of a national organization or growing a nonprofit or club, Personify helps growing organizations tackle administrative tasks and make them manageable as you expand. Increase your focus on member acquisition and growth and less time on the manual day-to-day processes that slow you from reaching your goals.

Our solutions for emerging nonprofits

Event Professionals

Face-to-face connections provide an opportunity not only for engagement but to stand out in the crowd. Personify enables event professionals to support flawless event production from start to finish, grow revenue and translate event data into actionable insights.

Our solutions for event professionals

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